Voice of Change is a non-profit social project aimed to help families and children in Sri Lanka with special needs.   Shane Vanderwall initiative already helps 17 children across the country and this project will be expanded the help to 20 families, installed in a shelter with all the humanitarian conditions to live: educational support, psychological structuring and self-esteem through work.

The Voice of Change is going to be a home for 20 families. The facilities will provide to all families access to sanitation, healthcare and education through a school that will be built together with the main house.



The money raised for “The Voice of Change” will come from 2 sources:

1) Shane will play his music and work for 520 to raise 70% of the total necessary and give all to the project. This is a goal that will raise money in installments while the project is being built

2) 30% from Donations and Sponsors: Do You Want To Be The Voice of Change?
The Sponsors will be corporations that want to give their names and money to the Project
Donations will be given by random supporters that could donate any amount of money directly in to the Project account or through corporations supporting the cause with the projects DONATION BOXES and post cards.
Companies that would like to participate having DONATION BOXES will receive the box, folders and flyers with the explanation of the project and contacts for more information, in addition to all necessary support.




The Project wants to give a message of how many possibilities people have to help the others.


The idea of proving that one man could raise money with music and help 20 families makes the statement that a rich country as Germany could help a lot of people in need with good initiatives.
After following his dream to live through music, Shane received a ticket of 1400 Euros for playing in the streets and this gave him another incentive to show to politicians in Nuremberg that this kind of regulation could be a way to raise money to help social projects. The idea is that freedom of expression and art should not be taxed unless there is a genuine intention on what you are doing with that money.
This is aldo a message against corruption and the mistakes made by the government in Sri Lanka. Again, the idea that one could help so many families makes you wonder why the government is not doing it in a much larger scale.


    The Main House


This house will receive 20 families, each with different number of people, providing a home and a community structure to families (social integration).

    The School


The school for the children is the access of knowledge and culture for young kids that would not be able to have a proper education outside the project.

    The Farm


The project will have a farm, providing the parents work at the site, along with other maintenance jobs that will be necessary for the facilities: home, school and farm.
This project is the model for 20 families in Sri Lanka. The replication and expansion of this project is simple and it depends only on the will of urge of people to help.



Sri Lanka, as a third world country, is facing for many years a social rupture with an unbalanced division of money and opportunities in society.


What is clear is that a considerable number of families live without any conditions, such as health care, sanitation and some don’t even have a place to live. The lack of education and social segregation aggravates the situation of those families. Child abuse coming from the parents, as work exploiting and kids beaten up really badly are serious concerns, making social analyses in Sri Lanka really complicated. Parents with no previous education, with low self confidence and no access to jobs and no condition of providing to their families get the situation even worse and pass it along to their children. Not going to school and being abused by their parents will turn them into adults also with no self confidence, with no perspectives and no future at all. The opportunity in this case must come from outside once there is no assistance from the government, with the lack of interest of politicians and corruption issues. One truth benefit of The Project is to help and educate also the parents in order to stop the abuse at their children and give them dignity of having a job and providing to the family, while the children are free and safe to have their education and follow their dreams.





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